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Refund Policy

If there is an issue with any order or product, please contact us directly from our Contact page so we may try to help resolve it. 

Refunds will be determined on an individual basis. We do our best to describe the scents of each product based upon the essential oils and fragrances used to make it. However not every nose is the same and scents may be perceived differently by each individual. Due to this, no refunds will be given based on scent. 

In addition, the base ingredients used have their own aromas as well. Soaps listed as unfragranced may still have a smell to them due to what they are made from. These bars may also absorb scents from surrounding products while on the curing rack.


NO RETURNS will be accepted as this is a personal product, even if the packaging has not been opened. For the safety of all our customers we will not resell a product that has left our supervision.

Orders can not be cancelled or changed once they have shipped. 

We reserve the right to cancel any unshipped order.

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