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Fall's Second Season


Two weeks into November and Autumn is in full swing! The days are cooling off, the leaves are changing and the nights come earlier. Along with these changes comes a Second Season we are all familiar with, hunting season!


You have your camo, your boots, hat, and outer layers ready to go!

But what about what's under that?


Did you know a deer's sense of smell is more than 30% stronger than the average canine? One breeze in the right direction could spook your prey before it is even close enough for you to see it turn the other way. 


Our Just Suds bar is exactly as the name implies. No scent. No fragrances. Literally Just Suds. Use this bar to help remove oils and other impurities from your skin to give you that extra layer of advantage for your next hunt!


Visit and add a sample bar of Just Suds to your order for $3! Or mix and match 3 of our sample bars and use code "SampleBundle2020" to get a fourth free!

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